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Last Updated: 24 apr 2001

Welcome to my MIDI Page!
The files are General Midi.Use both reverb and 3D surround when you listen the midis!
The sequences are Copyright © 1999-2001 by Gabriel Mihai Dragomir.
Free distribution for non commercial use. If you in want to modify my sequences, please announce me first!
Any suggestion and impression about these files or about my site are welcome to me trough e-mail.

  • George Enescu (1881-1955), composer, conductor, violonist, pianist

  • Play Allegro for Harp Allegro for Harp (Allegro pentru harpa cromatica solo [in la minor])
    Play Prelude and Fugue.Prelude and Fugue for piano [in C major] (1903)
  • Ciprian Porumbescu (1853-1883), violonist, composer, conductor

  • Play Balade Balade for violin and piano [in E minor]
    Play Balade Romanian Rhapsody [for piano in G minor]
  • Dinu Lipatti (1917-1950), pianist, composer

  • -Fantaisie pour piano solo op.8 (1940)
     1. Play - Pad 1 (New age) and piano Andante malinconico. Vivace
     2. (soon)
     3. Play - Pad 1 (New age) and piano Presto
     4. Play - Pad 1 (New age) and piano Allegretto cantabile
     5. (soon)

    -Cinq chansons de Verlaine op.9 (1941)
     1. Play - Pad 1 (New age) and piano,Play - Pad 4 (Choir) and piano À une femme
     2. Play - Pad 1 (New age) and piano,Play - Pad 4 (Choir) and piano Green
       Deux ariettes oubliées:
     3. Play - Pad 1 (New age) and piano,Play - Pad 4 (Choir) and piano I. Il pleure dans mon coeur
     4. Play - Pad 1 (New age) and piano,Play - Pad 4 (Choir) and piano II. Le piano que baise une main frêle

     5. Play - Pad 1 (New age) and piano,Play - Pad 4 (Choir) and piano Sérénade
    .Download all 5 songs (10 files)

If you want to listen these midi files now live and you are using Netscape Communicator,
I recommend you to get the Plug-in Crescendo Live Update (freeware).
Click 'Help', then 'Song Information' for information about my midi files.
For offline audition, my recommendation is the freeware player Note Worthy Player,
which has a special feature: it can display the score of almost any midi file.
I also recommend Winamp, a freeware multiplayer which can create lists of music files.
About the sound quality of the midi driver, I have the DS-XG Synthesizer (hardware) from Yamaha.
If you not have this sound card (or better), you can use the software Yamaha SY-XG50 or SY-XG100
(which has almost the same or better features that the chip). Take it  from Yamaha XG page (Trial: 90 days).
For create midi files, the best programs are: Cakewalk Pro Audio and NoteWorthy Composer

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Copyright © 2000-2001 by Gabriel Mihai Dragomir